Radio Mirchi — Mehfil-E Ghazal

Radio Mirchi  — Mehfil-E Ghazal
Rating: 3.9/5 - 137 votes

Language: Hindi.

Genre: pop, Bollywood.

Radio Mirchi — Mehfil-E Ghazal - this online station broadcasts the best album of tracks - Mehfil-E-Ghazal. It features such tracks as "KE PANNO SE 04", "Sayema ka shayarana andaaz 48", "Ke Rishtey Shayari se 05", and many others. The top hosts Roopkumar & Sunali Rathod and Rahat Jafri are on the air. They will make sure that you know great music well. Stay with us all week!

  • First air date: 1993
  • Bitrate: 49 Kbps
  • Country: India, Maharashtra, Mumbai


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