Radio Sharda

Slogan: "Booziv ti khosh rooziv (Listen and be Happy)"


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Language: Hindi, Punjabi.

Genre: community, Bollywood, news.

Broadcast Timing: 7.00AM - 10.00 PM

Broadcast Hours: 15 hours


Programmes concerning the community are recorded atthe household level with an active participation of family members.

Radio Sharda was set up with the intent of promoting and preserving the language and culture of displaced Kashmiri Hindus. Besides entertainment, it helps the displaced people by promoting education, culture, women empowerment, entertainment and agriculture. The catch line is Booziv Te Khosh Rooziv.

The community radio station’s thematic focus is to support younger generation for promotion of culture and language through educational programmes. Through these programmes the station instantly makes a friendly connection with its listeners.

  • First air date: 2011
  • Bitrate: 128 kbps
  • Frequency: 90.4 FM
  • Country: India, Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu


Radio Sharda broadcasts in the following cities:


  • Address: Near TRT Migrant Quarters, Lower Buta Nagar, Paloura,Jammu,Jammu & Kashmir - 181 121
  • Email:
  • Phone number: 0191-2597806 / 2597806 (Ramesh Hangloo)
  • Facebook
  • Official website:

Main Programs

  • Aradhana
  • Waangij Voor
  • Mean Kashir
  • Manasbal
  • Khawat
  • Sangarmal
  • Bharat Darshan
  • Tohi Cha Pta
  • Kathan Kathan Manzz
  • Aaj PaghaTe Sonh Patkal
  • Brandh Keinh.

Key Partners:

Striving forlocal advertisements forfinancial stability.

Core Team:

  • Ramesh Hangloo
  • Vijay Koul
  • Anita Bhat
  • Roopalee Koul
  • Sarita Raina
  • Sujata Pahalwan
  • Manju Raina
  • Neelam Wali.

CRMC Members:

  • P. N. Shad
  • A. K. Naaz
  • AshokGawhar
  • J. N. Sagar
  • Rajni Bhat
  • Bharti Zaroo
  • Behari Kak
  • J. K. Raina.

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